हेयं दुःखमनागतम् ॥१६॥  heyaṃ duḥkham-anāgatam ||16|| Future suffering is avoidable (Yoga Sutra 2.16)

Yoga Therapy is a holistic modality that addresses any health condition in a multi-dimensional manner, it sees a person as a whole, and involves an individual in a self-empowering process to facilitate healing.

bridge-croppedYoga Therapy uses a wide range of mind-body practices, such as asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, gazing, body sensing, chanting, visualizations, affirmations, mudras (hand gestures), vocalizations, deep relaxation, lifestyle adjustments, and so on. All these tools are applied with respect for individual differences such as body constitution, yogic background, state of health, age, culture, religion, occupation, etc.

Untitled designWhile focusing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, Yoga Therapy is appropriate for people with specific health concerns and chronic conditions that persist despite conventional medical treatment. While being highly adaptable to the needs of every unique individual, Yoga Therapy is also suitable for anyone seeking wholeness, wellbeing, and peace within.

Untitled design-3Prior to the first visit, it is required to fill in the Intake Form and you will be invited to sign a Waiver.  This yogic practice is HIPAA compliant, which means all your personal information stays private and will not be disclosed. If you have more questions, send me email and schedule a FREE 20 min consultation! I will be happy to tell you more about youga therapy and how it can benefit you personally.